Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Polar Express

The little train running through the Christmas display at the shopping centre.  The displays used to be wonderful but I suppose they were expensive and a few years ago they were scaled back and Christmas Market stalls introduced in the spare space.  I'm sure they make more money for the owners but it has lost a bit of the sparkle.  However, the kids around today were still thoroughly enjoying it so who am I to criticise?

A frustrating day trying to set up two 'smart' thermostatic radiator valves onto my 'Hive' system.  At first the installation module couldn't find them, then miraculously they suddenly appeared on the Hive App on my phone correctly, but on the App on my iPad as lights!  Unless it sorts itself out over the weekend I will have to call their helpdesk on Monday; to be fair, the only time I've had to call them before they were excellent.

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