Black Billed Gulls

One of our more surreal experiences today.
We were back in Christchurch to ride on the trams - which are a complete delight and worth visiting the city for them alone - see extra.

Miffy had sent me a link to a news article on the Black Billed Gull colony which has taken up residence in the remains of the Price Waterhouse Cooper building.  As they are a protected species the site has become a rather post apocalyptic nature reserve - mesh panels in the boarding allow a view and it is easy enough to get a blip over the top by holding a camera up at arms length.  This is a hastily edited photo as we are packing to return the motorhome tomorrow and fly back to Auckland  where we have a hire car organised for a trip up to the Bay of Islands.

Thanks to everyone for your recent comments - and particularly to Miffy for the prompt - the tram drivers do say the colony is there as they pass by, but it is only on looking through the mesh that the scale of it becomes apparent.

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