Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Reviled Leader

James Ramsay MacDonald, an early leader of the Labour Party and its first Prime Minister, was denounced and demonised by the party he helped to found. Later historians and biographers have been kinder to MacDonald but in the 1930s his name was mud. MacDonald was born in Lossiemouth. This bronze bust of him sits in the National Portrait Gallery in Queen Street, Edinburgh. The sculptor was Sir Jacob Epstein.

I watched the Leaders' Question Time last night. To my horror I discover I've become one of those people who shouts at the telly. Particularly in the last half hour of the programme. As MacDonald discovered reputations rise and fall but some last night have fallen a long way and were never that high in the first place. If you believe that honesty is the best policy I'm afraid you would find some of last night's actors wanting.

I was having an early lunch in the Portrait Gallery cafe with someone who has extraordinary powers of persuasion. I have agreed to a big task to help out a small third sector organisation.

Edinburgh was not looking attractive - damp, dreary and full of Christmas tat. Or cheer if you're that way inclined. So MacDonald it is, with a backdrop of the stairs to avoid any copyright infringement.

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