Continued from Thursday 21st ..

Serious reports of cabbage rustling in the area.

And lo and behold we have uncovered several decapitated cabbage heads, macabrely disguised as Father Christmas, on display outside the Broadway Deli. The evidence is there for all, - - - see the extras- -- a getaway FIAT 500 IN THE SHOP WINDOW!  Those Mafiosi really are not hiding their tracks well.

One would hope the knives used have been abandoned safely, not just flung into the swollen rivers here (rain, rain & more rain).

Staying in an Inn/restaurant with rooms metres above a river near Burford (we moved today from outside Chipping Camden). Our friends have returned home.

Fortunately the only Italian speakers are Mr B (and myself). I really don’t expect any Mafiosi to find their way down here.

Thanks to hobbs (Moody Mono “MMN19”) and skeena (“Film Noir”) for their monthly challenge.  And I do believe all my blips are perfectly suited to Admirer’s Silly Saturday - you will surely agree.

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