By Memories4Me

Maine's Oldest White Pine

Dear Diary,

A walk in the woods is always such a pleasure but walking in the presence of such old trees is an honor.  This tree is located in a small grove in Norway, Maine called Ordway Grove.  When a core sample was taken it was discovered that it was 388 years old, beginning as a seedling in 1631.  Topping 132 feet, it is probably the tallest white pine in Maine as well.  What is really remarkable is Ordway Grove is home to seventy giant white pines.  The world's record of white pines is 436 years.  I will definitely come back in warmer weather to visit these amazing trees.  Today, we are preparing for a snow storm.  These trees have weathered 388 Maine winters and I hope this old guy has a few more left in his quiet grove.

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