I went along with Daan to his football match, in Oldehove. Opponent OKVC, whatever that means.  (K?)
We left around 10.00 and reached Oldehove a little less than one hour later.

Daan dissapeared into the changing room with his team and I had a coffee in the footbal canteen. Not exactly my kind of place. I don't belong there, that's how it feels to me anyway. But the coffee was nice.

The match started at 11.45.
After 8 minutes Daan kicked in the 0-1, so that was good.

It was cold and after watching the first half (by then it was 0-2) I was numb to the bones. More coffee in the canteen? Nah...
Instead I went into my car and watched part of a youtube movie by photographer Morten Hilmer.

Halfway the second half of the match (during which Sinterklaas arrived in Oldehove as well on a tractor) I went back to the field. By then it was 0-6. The enemy was defeated, heads were down, but the slaughter by Daan and his team continued for another 15 minutes.

At the end signal it was 0-9. Daan came off the field, annoyed by this boring match. (his words, not mine!)

On our way home we bought a 'kibbeling' -snack in Winsum, accompanied by, of course, Sinterklaas arriving in this town. Later, a bit further on our way home, in Loppersum, we had to stop and wait because, once again Sinterklaas and lots of Pieten crossed our ways again. Great fun!
We were treated with a handfull of peppernuts and candy and a 'thank you for waiting so long' all thrown into the car.
At 14.30 we were back home again.

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