Rollright Stone Circle

Towards the end of November is a really good time to visit The Cotswolds in my opinion. The main surge in tourism has eased and you may get to catch some shots without lots of other people present.

The day started off with a bad headache and a very misty grey outlook but I managed to get things organised and headed out to the North Cotswolds (just over the Oxfordshire border). Took me about an hour to drive.

The Rollright Stones (aka The King’s Men) were erected around 2,500 BC. There are around 70 stones but there is a myth that they are impossible to count. I didn’t try but when I arrived there was a guy walking round and round the inner circle. I thought maybe he was meditating or casting a spell but realised afterwards he was trying to count them. After 20 minutes he left.

It’s nice to have a place like this to yourself so I made the most by enjoying the scenery- there is a lovely willow sculpture of three people dancing in the background- not sure if you can see it? 10 minutes walk away (it was muddy so slow to walk) are another set of much bigger stones. I think they are called The Whispering Knights.

When I got back to the main stone circle I pulled out a couple of crystals I’d bought from home. I’m not sure if a stone circle has any special vibes to impart but I thought - why not?!

The stone circle itself is just off a main toad and the parking is in the form of two lay-bys. There is only enough parking for about 12 cars and nowhere close by to leave your car if the spaces were full so I wouldn’t go at a busy time of year. There’s an honesty box to leave £1 in if you visit and a couple of very good information boards telling you where to go and what to see (it’s not obvious where things are when you are standing in the field!)

Glad I got out today

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