Rain rain and more rain

Drove to Cheltenham after breakfast. Did the town centre and Montpellier/Landsdown districts. Was dressed too warm (honestly).

Elegant Regency architecture around the town. Must cost a fortune to maintain especially as the grand buildings are listed.

Drove back to our nick of the Cotswolds in pouring rain. Not been back to our restaurant with rooms, but the river was bursting its banks when we left this morning. I think we are high up enough to be out of trouble. Will find out when we arrive after dinner!

Difficult to find anywhere with vegan food for dinner. Have had cauliflower two nights in a row (excellent, but no more please). Best I’ve come up with is an Indian restaurant in Burford, for the moment they’re not answering the phone.

The beautiful scene blipped is taken a few minutes ago at Bourton-on-Water. Pity it’s too dark and rainy to appreciate the village well.

Thanks to hobbs (Moody Mono “MMN19”) and skeena (“Film Noir”) for their monthly challenge And MerrilHope for todays Mono Monday with the theme ‘Beauty’.

(No more sightings of any the FilmNoir mafiosi. With luck they really have fled, or better still been rounded up)

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