I've Got My Eye On You!

Charlie, watching her mouse on top of the scratching post :)

(sorry its yet another ECB - Emergency Charlie Blip)

Overslept this morning after being awake practically every hour on the hour through the night...then it follows I was late for work after two accidents on the motorway...

They interviewed for the new post in one of my departments today, there was only one (internal) candidate....so I think he'll get the position which is good; and on the other side I'm still working on my special project :)

It took 3/4 hour to reach the motorway tonight though grrrrr....  a lorry had lost its load of mud/gravel :(    They held all traffic whilst it was cleared, which was the delay...

Just made it to Slimming World where I lost a pound this week :):)

So glad to be home with my Girl, who was playing nicely :)

Happy Monday folks :)

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