hello again

By admirer


My entry for the Mono Monday Challenge with the theme Beauty.
Huge thanks to MerrilHope for hosting.
A wonderful sunny day. In the morning I was a bit busy with planning, inside the home of course. It is empty on the balcony.
After lunch I slept for a while and when I was wake again we cycled to the beach, the north side of Kijkduin and started our walk along the beach there.
There were quite a lot of persons, because of the sun and the beautiful light I think. That`s what we enjoyed the most.
We turned around and walked with the sun in our face back.Then we cycled home. 
Mischa visited us for a short time, she brought the muffins she had baked, but had forgotten to give them to us yesterday.
Added two tags. One for the Moody Mono November hosted by hobbs, and for Film Noir, hosted by skeena. Thank you.

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