Carr Beck

What a grim grey day … again. Rain and/or mist most of the day

Completed the second batch of 5” fabric squares for Mrs madwill. Just got some bundles to make up and wrap now!

A quick trip to Wetherby this morning for a few supplies. Made a batch of mushroom soup - should keep us going until the weekend!

Managed a walk with Finlay - it wasn’t raining heavily - more of a mizzle, so not too many complaints from the dog.

Took parcels to the post office this afternoon and on the way back I stopped on the little bridge over the beck to take this shot. It was really dark when and I had to push the ISO a bit to get any light. A little colour still left in the leaves.

This part of the beck is before it reaches the woods that have featured several times on my blips. The waterway is known as Bramham Beck as it flows through Bramham Park Estate - but as it enters the village of Bramham it become Carr Beck. It later becomes Firgreen Beck as it approaches the Wharfe near Boston Spa.

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