An absolutely desperate blip tonight.... 

We have been out all day looking at new kitchen/utility appliances and it was dark and pouring with rain when we got back (it rained pretty much all day to be honest).

Anyway...we got what we wanted from John Lewis in York, but even with some rather heavy discounts we still spent an awful out of money. The sales girl took pity on us and gave us a voucher for complimentary tea and cake for two, which was a nice touch.

I did drag Finlay out for a very short walk, he didn’t complain too much although he was very keen to get in and find the towel. 

I got a quick snap of the business end of my idea what all these marking really mean, all I know is that if I push the lens forward it is very, very bright and can bring down cruise missiles. At the other end it can light up the whole garden! Quick process to mono in LR.

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