...kitchen. Mae’s favorite thing to play with. In fact, she cooked us scrambled eggs last night for dinner in that little fry pan on her stove. Served it on plates and gave her grandpa such a look when he said he couldn’t see where the eggs were on the plate. She said “Grandpa, they’re PRETEND eggs”, & when he set the plate aside she told him he needed to eat them all or he’d get no dessert! Then she informed us she’d baked cookies but that none of us could eat any of them because they were for the meal program! (Guess who’d made cookies yesterday because I serve at the meal program tonight?) I had to laugh as I looked around the table: 3 adults pretending to eat eggs that weren’t there, drinking juice that wasn’t there, then complimenting the cook, who was pretty darn proud of herself. She brings such joy to our house, even if we leave the table hungry! :)))
Many thanks to Debbi for hosting tiny Tuesdays this month.

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