Reikes small life...

By Reike

Weesen says good morning

Got a lot of things done around the house, including putting lots and lots of photos on one wall. 

Walked the dogs two times, the blip is from the morning walk. I will also add a quick-phone edit picture from the afternoon walk. Guess I should be able to get used to the surroundings. 

The dogs pretty much unnerved me today. Both were eating a lot of shit again, Djeili rolled in shit, and Rike annoyed me with her general barkiness and following me around in the house all the time instead of just resting somewhere. Later, I brought them both to Rike's family where Djeili will stay for the next six days. My first thought was, I'm so glad, a holiday from dogs. But the closer I got to leaving Djeili there, the sadder I got and concerned that something could happen to Djeili in those six days. I guess it's the classic mommy-giving-her-baby-to-kindergarten phenomenon. 

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