Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


We went back to the Warehouse tonight to celebrate a little milestone for me. The food was just as good (if not better) and the evening most pleasant. And we swung by Carrefour to do the shop we didn't get to straight after work.

My milestone is to do with Googlemaps. Since last year, when I switched to an Android phone, I've been posting pictures I've taken on my phone of places I've visited. It's being a "local guide" so that when people search for places, they see pictures sent in by other people who have been there.

Googlemaps send periodic notifications of how many views you've got. I didn't pay any attention until suddenly, I was told my pictures had had 5,000 views. I couldn't imagine why. Anyway, this number has slowly built up, and today, I was told that my pics have had over a million views. I am thrilled.

I worked four hours in the office and then continued at home for a couple more.  The system is not accessible tomorrow, so I will concentrate on my own business. GK over and out. :)

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