Marking Time

By Libra

The "wagyu experience"

After all the hype and media coverage we decided to try the “wagyu experience” this lunchtime in Bridge of Allan.
Lets get straight to the point: over-rated, over priced and very noisy. Will not be going back. But the décor is pleasant and the staff friendly.

In our party was an American, a conisseur of beef burgers and she said yes they were among the best she had ever tasted but she agrees they were expensive -£13.50 for classic burger with chips.
We never had wine preferring the local tap water and we went elsewhere for coffee.
Basically it’s an all -day upmarket burger bar. 

Photo:one of the murals on the walls.  The cattle are reared just north of Dunblane. 
Yes there is a special evening menu, which requires 72 hours notice and a very extensive wine list. Top price £550.

About wagyu beef.

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