Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Galloping anthropomophism?

"Grim deternination." all in vain.
The one on the surface was accidentally knocked off, set aside and forgotten some time ago and, since I have vastly more than I want/need, it's bound for the long drop - into the compost. - BUT - even snapped above the joint to its neighbour, it still sends out roots.
I hope the others are as determined.
It is my boast that I never snap off/detach any part of a plant which is, clearly for sale or on display - BUT - I spotted a Schlumbergera in Sainsbury's which looked as though somebody had dealt it a severe damage.  A recent addition to their "Security" staff is a bloke I knew in Morrison's.  So, I showed him the damage & announced my intentions.
Three cuttings of a colour I don't have.  NOT difficult since I only have one colour.

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