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Out of reach

Hermes delivered a parcel today. The driver ignored the note on my front door asking him (her) to deliver it to the shop 50 yds away. They chose instead to walk round to the side of the house and drop the package into the bottom of my garden waste bin. Fortunately it did not break, nor get too covered in mud. I'm not sure how exactly I was supposed to get it out again though, my arms being shorter than the four or five feet necessary to reach to the bottom of the bin! I ended up lying the bin on its side, getting down on my hands and knees on the wet path and using a garden rake to pull it within reach!
Apart from that I had a nice day. I took the service this morning and we then changed the altar frontal as Sunday is the first in Advent. I then went and picked up a friend and we went out to Mortonhall garden centre and had a very tasty bowl of soup and a catch up. I got an email while I was there, which let me know my visa to India has been granted, hooray.
After dropping S back at her house, I went down to Leith to the carpet shop then it was back across town again to Katy's house to pick up Eilidh's Rainbow kit. I picked Eilidh up from her after school young engineers club and we went for our customary babychino and coffee with shared scone which helps to while away the hour until Rainbows start.
Home again via Waitrose and Tesco and then I settled down at the computer. I managed to find Qatar flights to India direct from Edinburgh which have less than a two hour changeover in Doha, so the whole trip takes around 14 hours each way. That is what I used to get from Emirates but for some reason they've taken away the good connection in Dubai. Still their loss is Qatar's gain!
So I'm all booked and organised for February. Its hard to believe a whole year has gone by already.
12834 steps today.

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