Keep on going

Day #3 of this week of very long work days, starting with a meeting at 07.50 and ending with Lise Live XL rehearsal that finished at 18.00 when I went to Bizim Tepe for the necessary vittles in order to recover, while working on the running order for the programme, with Sean for company.

Meanwhile in other news: Mono Monday results for 25th November - thank you so much to everyone who participated in my last topic as host for November with the theme of "Beauty". In random order, my five fun hearts go to the following folk:-  
ingeborg for beautiful setting and lighting
Miranda1008 for this beautiful example of a classic shot 
Hilarysview for the beauty of nature in our wonderful world
timb2503 for this unusual image of underwater beauty
JohnRH for making me laugh, beautiful baby indeed!
and as always, five hearts isn't enough as there are many more photos that caught my attention.  Hosting Mono Monday gave me the chance to explore many more Blip journals than usual and I feel blessed to have seen and enjoyed so many responses to the four challenges I gave. Thank you for the memories :)

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