Picture this..

By northernlass261

Frosty on the Canal

This morning it was clear and bright and took this photo first thing as the welcome sun was melting the frost.   Such a lovely change from the past week or so of rain.   Extra shows it really is true 'the early bird does get the worm'!

Yesterday we went to the pictures to see the new film Knives Out with Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and Don Johnson (Miami Vice fame) among others.   Whilst purchasing our tickets from the machine a young lady in her twenties asked if we had a two for one voucher which we didn't and offered us one of hers!  She got her own tickets and gave us the code to redeem the offer.    So pleased with that outcome.

The film is an Agatha Christie story, which I like, and whilst it was a slow start I enjoyed the usual twist at the end.

Have a good weekend.

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