A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Festive Frost

Very severe frost this morning. It took a while for the sun to come through. When it did I took a scan around the garden. You can see the heavy frost  on the grass and I liked the way it was riming the edge of the leaves on the Holly which is very heavily berried this year. (Also on the drying hydrangea heads)

Couldn’t go out this morning I was waiting for a call from M&S who were supposed to be sorting out my account access. I admit I was sceptical but I got a return call at 11.50 and all is now sorted. It’s good to be proved wrong some times.
Turned dull now and the frost disappeared all of a sudden. Still going to be pretty cold when we head down to Bingley later this afternoon to sing at the lights ‘switch on‘.
First Sunday in Advent tomorrow, it’s all starting!

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