Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Didn't know it was there!

Yesterday's sunshine has disappeared!

Well it is probably still there .... but it has been mostly obscured by thick fog all day! Freezing fog for most of the morning!

As I took the rubbish out I spotted this in my neighbour's garden ...... hadn't noticed it before ...... so it was a grudging 'thank you' to the fog for highlighting it!

Fetched my camera & tried to get a decent photo of it ...... not the easiest as part of it was obscured by a hanging basket & it was close to the fence too ..... this was the best I could do ..... hope you like it :-)

It has been really cold today .... hope everyone is keeping warm!

Hope you all have a Tigger-tastic weekend :-)

Terrible news of the attacks on London Bridge & in The Hague ....... thoughts go out to all those affected ...... when will it end?!

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