By karenmace25


Was looking forward to seeing my nephew and niece today over in Surrey, but a major road closure near to where they live meant that we decided not to add to the traffic chaos and we stayed home instead! So that meant food shopping was on the agenda - rock and roll lifestyle!!

Got very little sleep last night too so am in a zombie state today which is always good fun! So trying not to do anything that requires too much thinking - watching sport and clearing out some books has been as far as I've pushed myself so far this afternoon! 

 And thankfully the bunny seems brighter today after a couple of days of having me a little worried over his lack of enthusiasm for food - or moving far from his comfy doggie bed - so that's one thing less to stress about! Been enjoying watching the bees visit this yellow mahonia in the garden - of course, they're all hiding today when I need a good blip!

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