A blast from the past

No frost this morning, much milder.  We danced this morning, and it was really good, nice music too, getting round to Christmas music now.

I was finishing off my Christmas cards this afternoon when we got a surprise visitor.  Tom used to walk with us and has been living up in Moray for the last few years.  He was down to visit his sons and families and decided to look us up.  A blast from the past...… so much water under the bridge over the years since we have seen him, and so much to say.  It was a lovely surprise.

Tonight we are off to the cinema to see the concert version of 'Les Mis' with Michael Ball.  Have heard it is wonderful.  We could only get two seats apart but that won't matter.

Much later:
Les Mis was wonderful......Alfie Boa has a wonderful voice, and the whole production was marvellous.  Great idea to film the live London concert and we can all share.

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