Over the years the HG and I have been involved in several walking clubs, and twenty years ago we helped set up and run the Midweek Club, walking on Tuesdays once a month with a wonderful set of walkers.  For all this time the HG has been the Routing Convener, and I have helped in various ways in the background.

This morning it was our AGM, and because it is our 20th anniversary, the Committee have produced a calendar for next year, which is really wonderful and will be worth a blip on its own at the start of the year.  I am proud that some of the photographs are taken by me!

This is the only AGM I know that has its own baker and Irene bakes some wonderful confections for us, such fun.

Much to our surprise, the HG and I were presented with the first Life Memberships of the club, and a beautiful framed certificate and a bouquet for me.  We were gobsmacked, but are so touched that they would think of us in this way.

My extra photo is of the cakes!!!!

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