Carol: Rosie & Mr. Fun

By Carol

2019 Monday — Stephanie’s Soup

We woke early this morning; we have a close friend in Texas who was having cancer surgery at 7:00 this morning. Texas is two hours ahead of us. We are very concerned for him. The cancer was discovered on his tongue and they have now found the cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) in his throat and voice box. His wife and three adult daughters will be at the hospital. We wish we could be there with them.

They have been dear friends for years. We all went to the same church together years ago before they moved away. We have always stayed in touch with them and several times we have all managed to attend the same week of family camp on Catalina Island. We were in Texas for the wedding of their middle daughter.

Then shortly after 7:00 a.m. our time Mr. Fun drove into San Luis Obispo so that he could get his new California’s Driver License. He thought the DMV office here would be less crowded than the one near our SoCal home. He sent me a text to let me know that he was 10 in a line of 12. I replied that in SoCal he would be 38th in a line of 56.

Grand total, he was gone from the house for close to 4 hours. He did stop at Costco pharmacy to get eye drops for our blind dog (the medicine helps from needing to surgically remove his eye).

Mr. Fun also stopped at our local Cayucos Library to get our “Hotspot” that we had on reserve – woohoo – now we have Internet this week without using our own data. I really like that the Library System here on the Central Coast loans “hotspots.”

After lunch, we gathered our “soup” jars and headed toward the Los Osos/Baywood Park Farmer’s Market to purchase some of Stephanie’s delicious soup and to stop at the local grocery store to restock the refrigerator and the pantry.

Rain was flirting with us, but not really sprinkling. So when we arrived at the Farmer’s Market all the vendors were already selling; Stephanie and her helper were just filling jars, taking money, and stating that because of the rain we didn’t need to wait for the two o’clock bell to ring. Usually 1:30-2:00 is jar drop-off time with actual selling beginning at 2:00.

With all the cancer news from our dear friend, we are thinking about seriously returning to our plant-based (vegan) diet. Mr. Fun’s doctor told him several years ago that “plant-based” eating would keep cancer away. We ate a vegan diet for 2 ½ years, but then strayed from it. All of Stephanie’s soups are vegan. My photo today is her Tempeh Chili soup. I doctored it some by adding fresh diced onion, olives, and then oyster crackers.

From Cayucos on
California’s Central Coast,
Rosie (& Mr. Fun), aka Carol

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