A day in the life

By Shelling


Back to the old familiar grey skies after a fabulous weekend with sun and minus degrees. We had quite a lot of rain and mild weather yesterday so all snow is gone and it's been almost 10 degrees warm today. Found a nice path through a nature reservation nearby and had a nice walk in fresh air. 

Right now I'm preparing for the next musical project that I'm doing with a friend. We're doing a concert in the spring, so there's plenty of time but still, there are lots of material to go through and get to know.

I also had my first jogging session in a long time, to get the pulse working a bit. I can tell it was long ago because my blood doesn't transport oxygen as it did when I was better trained so I have to walk more than I used to in between jogging, but that's fine, the pulse needs to be activated every now and then. The problem is to keep at it this time of year.

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