New lens!

Crazy busy day at work.  Didn't really take a lunch break, as I was so busy but also because my colleague had ordered some food on Uber Eats, there was a mix-up with the order and she ended up getting a huge amount of food delivered - so she shared it with Joanna and me in the office.  I did pop out for a few minutes this afternoon though, to drop off a parcel at the post office, and to collect an order from Argos.

I bought a new lens for my Fuji X-T10 on eBay the other day, and it was delivered at work yesterday (while I was at home).  I spent ages trying to track down the parcel in between phone calls and meetings, etc - then finally, after I was semi-convinced someone had nicked it, discovered that somehow it had been addressed to Charlotte.  I was so confused!  

But I did eventually work out that, for some reason, I had our work address with Charlotte's name saved as one of my primary addresses on eBay - guess I must have ordered something for her at some point in the past.  Very luckily, the seller had taken a photo of the parcel before sending it, so I was able to zoom in and see the name on it.  Otherwise it would have sat there until Char is back from leave in the New Year - and she would have been very confused too!

Anyway, having worked right up to the last minute this evening, I had very little time to try out the new lens, so this is just a super quick shot on the highwalk on my way home - testing out the wide aperture (it goes up to f2.8, though this was taken at f4).  I like it so far!

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