By chantler63

Figgy Pudding

One of the new season decorations for Christmas at Waddesdon Manor to wow the crowds. It is impressive this year but you'll need a ticket to get in as it's all sold out this side of Christmas!

We picked up Pepper from her holiday staying with my daughter and family in Woking - I think she'd had a lovely time. This evening at home, Pepper is very quiet - she may be missing the buzz of a lively houseful.

Once home I went straight over to Waddesdon to help out. I hadn't planned to do this, but they were short handed and as I wasn't overly affected by jetlag, I offered to go in. The Christmas season is in full swing and it was very busy with several coachloads plus a large number of family groups. So a busy afternoon!

A quiet evening though with not much achieved. I must get on with things tomorrow!

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