Northern Star

By Lifferz


Westonbirt this evening.

Tetbury town centre was shut so a big diversion in the dark was needed. Little bit stressful but thankfully I set off early!

Rather lovely experience like last year, so glad I booked a ticket.

I was worried about parking in a muddy field but it was all ok.

Some beautifully lit trees. Less crowded than last year possibly thanks to better timed entry tickets. More child friendly than last year with singing and talking trees (one young child was transfixed and his mother said he had to stop watching BBC as he’s watched the same tree give a speech 3 times). More Christmassy music, than last year, and a pretty and uncrowded night time fair with carousels and a big wheel.

Some lovely performances by costumed fairies wearing tree themed outfits. Santa was costumed beautifully - a bit like a Green Man (wearing green and decorated with leaves) but I couldn’t get near enough to get a good photo as he was understandably surrounded by very small children.

There was an area where a tree was lit from underneath in blue and green. I think it was projected lights and fixed lights making it look like images were chasing each other, very mesmerising. Many adults who were there without children were underneath the canopy of branches trying to work out how the light effect had been designed.

This blip was a lovely blanket of smoke and light, someone nearby said it was a bit like an attempt at an aurora but when I got to it I’d say it was more like a big scale club night! still it was very cool to see.

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