End of an era

A day that started at 7 and finished at 22.50 with virtually no breaks.

Off to Alloa first thing for 3:meetings. Too much chat and not enough focus. The blue skies and high cloud during a break belies the heavy, heavy rain of first thing.

The Chair ended his term of office after 11? years with the organisation. I am now Vice Chair.

As anticipated I had to leave before the end of the 3rd meeting, though at the ending time, to get back to Edinburgh for our concert. Went in past home just to check where Hermes had left parcels, as I don't have a porch.

The concert seemed to go well, much better than Wednesday's rehearsal. Then tidying up and home sort keys. Why keys? At the start of the week owned/part owned/ had an interest in 3 properties, by the end I am down to one. After 14+ years the Marchmont baton has been passed on. Does that mean I should change my blip moniker?

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