Late Afternoon Reflections

on the Canal :)

Woke up in the night unable to turn my neck :(  Luckily after an uncomfortable few hours and gentle movements its OK again but I've spent the day resting and dozing...

Apart from trying to battle with the stupid website Photobox...   I can't get an album together, so loads the photos OK, but when you look at the album there's nothing there.  Seems they're shut for help on Saturdays too :(   Looks like I'll miss the code at this rate!!  I want to make an album of the photos I took in my Dad and Stepmum's garden this summer and also our trip to Anglesey Abbey and Lode Mill for one of their Christmas presents :)

Anyway by late afternoon I'd had enough, and hopped out for a quick walk along the canal - very lucky to find a parking space too (some woman was stood in a parking place until the person she was with brought the car down the road - how rude, so was unable to park for a while and this at nearly 4pm!  I've already resolved to buy as much as I can online as I'm not good in claustrophobic places anyway...

Backtracking - the canal itself was quite peaceful and I managed a few shots though for some reason couldn't fire the camera on 'manual'-it kept saying 'bulb'??   So all my shots were auto today...seems weird, I've been doing manual for so long!

Thankful for a peaceful day!

Happy Saturday folks :)

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