Confined but cosy

Mr hazelh and I have been confined to the house all day due to illness. As soon as we emerged croaking and sneezing from (our separate) bed(s) mid-morning, we cancelled all plans to socialise this evening. We're very sorry to miss a long-anticipated 40th birthday party, but we don't think that our germs would be welcome at such a gathering.

So it's been a very quiet day at home for the pair of us. I (very slowly) helped Mr hazelh put up our decorations (blipped), did some mending, and chatted with Jackie (an old friend from university) on a long phone call. We found food to warm up for supper in the bottom of the freezer, and will be turning in for an early night, each of us in our respective bedrooms. We need to get better fast because Mummy hazelh is coming to visit for 10 days from tomorrow afternoon.

Exercise today: none.

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