By Kipsie

Sometimes I stand & think

& other times I just stand. "We" do a lot of standing, not always too much thinking I hope. Are "we" thinking what's the weather looking like out there today, or, when is my mum coming back, or even, I wonder if I'll get a change from sausage for breakfast this morning. Who knows what Ella the Wonderdog is thinking. Love her! And she is a little love, she's quirky, feisty at times, but most of the time very easy to look after.

And she did get sausage for breakfast AGAIN this morning, with her biscuit, plus a little  meaty terrine. Then it was time for our walk, not so far this morning. Back home, settled in one of her numerous beds, I headed off to give Yogi a nice long walk, as his owners had a wedding to attend. We walked up Teignharvey road which is in fact a dirt track, then did a loop down into Shaldon, thinking we might be able to walk back up the estuary but the tide times were wrong so we just had a dip to wash the red mud of from under his belly then walked back through the lanes. He still needed a shower to wash the salt water off, but he would'nt come in. He was hiding under the hedge in his favourite hideaway, the temptation of playing fetch was too great however so I managed to grab him when he returned the ball to me. Rascal! Then it was time to meet hubby in Morrison's for a coffee, but first a bit of shopping. We picked up some bits and decided to go through the self serve. It's never quicker when I do it, & today was no exception. 3 times the customer service young man had to assist. How embarrassing. We had coffee & cake. I had a blueberry muffin, it was really moist & delicious but I really struggled trying to swallow it. The texture is just awkward for me. It needed cream, then it would'nt have been a problem.
Back to Ella, the washing I'd put out this morning was dry. Ideal!
I bought a skate wing for dinner ... simply pan fried, it was so good. I thought I'd spotted a jar of capers in a cupboard here but could'nt find them so made a dressing with pimento stuffed olives, lemon juice, & EVOO. Then Strictly ....
Now it's blowing a gale, the rain lashing against the windows. I've just noticed a local update ... This could be Storm Atiyah, if so the road along Torquay seafront will probably be closed in the morning.
What will tomorrow bring I wonder. I promised Ella a walk along the seafront, but we might be looking for somewhere a little more sheltered.

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