By Kipsie

He loves me, he loves me not

I'm only guessing .............. washed up on the side of the Teign estuary, it caught my eye when I was looking for pieces of pottery, I don't know why but this little beach is a great spot and yesterday was'nt a disappointment either. I picked up 8 pieces varying slightly in size, 4 pieces have fab crazing, 2 pieces are floral, one of which is willow pattern. Yogi needed a wash off after the muddy bridle paths around Teignharvey, so first rinse in the estuary to get the red Devon soil out, which was no problem as he loves to swim & retrieve, second rinse to remove the salty estuary pong when we got back to Teignharvey, which was yesterday, not today.

It was so blustery this morning that I took Ella in the car down for a walk around  Cockington Country park. She stood on the front seat all the way. I know! She should have been either in a cage, or strapped in with a harness, well I don't have a cage and as for a harness. It was only a very short distance down a narrow one way lane. We would have walked but she struggled up the hill on our return. Quite a few people, dogs & children in around the grounds, we walked up around the lake, I just about managed to snap some of the beautiful Magnolia leaves that had dropped, not easy with Ella tugging on the end of a flexi-lead, one glove tucked under my arm, so a few were blurred, then down across the long sweep in front of Cockington Court and back along the road to the car. D'artagnan the Dalmation who lives just along the road from Ella was down there, another dog we met was called Annabel. Some names just don't sound right, or perhaps it's just me. Our return was timed perfectly as just after the heavens opened. Hubby decided he was'nt coming down today, so I messaged Josie to see if she wanted to do some lino cutting. I put a few pots and a jug together to create a Still Life for me to draw which kept me challenged for a while. Jose arrived just after lunch, & after putting the world to rights we did a bit of mark making. Ella kept us on our toes, literally, walking to the door every 5 minutes to be let out, go out, walk back in, close the door, walk back to the door ..... & repeat.
A fairly chilled day. Rustled up a tortilla for dinner then it was Strictly The Results, no shock there. Should be a good final next week as I think all three couples are on a par.
I think Storm Atiyah has arrived, apparently lots of ships sheltering in the bay earlier when Jose came across from Paignton. I would not want to be on a boat in tonight's storm. Hopefully the storm will have moved on by morning.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting

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