Here and Now

By Mole

Cold Water

Even though it was below freezing, the sun was out (at last) and the fresh air was too good to pass up.  My favorite hiking buddy said he'd go for a "short walk nearby." I let him drive and pick the spot. Once out in the woods, he wanted to keep going and going and going.  (That was what I hoped for...:)) 

This is the first time we've hiked along the river's edge on the north side of the Miles Road bridge all the way to Wiley Creek.  We circled back on the bridal trail.  A great hike!!!

We saw plenty of trees gnawed on by beavers as well as their dams and downed trees from recent storms and microbursts.  The water was high from melted snow, smooth and calm in some places while fast moving and gurgling in others.  It snowed a few flurries again today but nothing stuck.  We saw 6  male mallards with 1 female (what???) and met two labrador retrievers while we squished through the mud and leaves.  By the time we got home, hot baths and hot drinks were in order.

The main blip is my favorite shot because of the sunshine on the trees and the wavy streaks in the water. 

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your Sunday!

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