Nativity Set

An emergency babysitting day today. Our daughter had booked (and paid for) a Santa visit for the two girls at Sundown Adventureland today, but since Friday evening baby Emily has been very sick (physically) and by last night had not shown much improvement.

I got the phonecall around 7 p.m. last - you know the ones that begin “Daaadddd, what are you doing tomorrow?”. The upshot is that I was in Doncaster just after 07:30 this morning so that Jessica could be taken to the park for her visit. Hopefully they will collect the present for baby Emily too.

Not a pleasant drive down, very windy and wet - thankfully not much traffic about and I only had to dodge a couple of wobbly lorries.

Emily has been curled up on the sofa all morning - watching Mr Tumble on iPlayer! I have been trying to zone out from it!

Not likely to get out any where in the light today - so blipping this shot of the grandchildren’s Nativity set which is setup on the fireplace in the front room.

Update on the fridge/freezer - we decided to go with the refund. This means that together with the ‘Black Friday’ saving we will have paid a little over half of the current in store price!

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