Cattle Drink Reflections

After watching over a poorly Emily yesterday, I myself have developed a cold today. Not the same bug thankfully… just sniffles, sore throat and a headache.

Managed to get out for  a walk in the woods - haven’t been for a few days as the entrance has been closed off by contractors working on a gas main upgrade. Anyway the light was nice and it was not too cold out of the wind. The cattle drink was lit up by the afternoon sun and there were some nice reflections in the beck. Note to self, take some secateurs next time to cut back that annoying bramble shoot on the left bank

I extracted the old fridge and freezer appliances from their housings today and moved them outside ready to take to the tip. The inside of the cabinets had 24 years of accumulated crud inside - mostly dust and cobwebs but slightly greasy as well :-(

They will need to be scrubbed out before using as temporary storage units - we are planning to get a new kitchen installed in the new year (hence the new fridge freezer).

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