By USAHIhifriends

And I give you . . .

. . .   the elegance of presentation!

Honolulu Marathon this morning:  got down to the turnaround point by 6 AM (I know . .  !)  and soon after the first wheelchair marathoners came thru, still in the dark.   After 2 wheelchairs came thru, #1 (Titus Ekiru) led down the course - finishing in a new record (2hrs,7min, 59secs)!   Racers seemed really strung out, not grouped.  First female finisher was Margaret Muriuki in 2hr, 32 min, 9 secs.  Both top finishers were from Kenya.  The coppers had their work cut out for them this morning with at least 3 cars outside the marked cones - but it all got quickly sorted.    Saw one costumed bare-foot runner!   Without a flash, my camera did a poor job in the dark, so  . . . .
Left the course at about 7:50AM (my clapping hands were sore) to stop by Sandy Beach, as the forecast had been 10-14foot surf - it didn't materialized while I was there.   Surf was better yesterday - but still a brilliant clear, sunny, few clouds kind of day.   Stayed about an hour.

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