Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Blustery walk!

Sunday 8th December 2019                (backblip)

What a windy day it's been ..... but after raining all night it was dry!

We headed out this afternoon ..... we had a couple of shops to visit for the last few Christmas presents ..... then we went to Westgate Woods for a walk.

The wind had got even more blustery by the time we got there ..... the first part is open on one side right across the fields ...... you've guessed it .... that was the direction the wind was blowing from!

It was so strong that it was blowing me across the path .... Hubby ended up holding onto my arm to stop me getting blown away! Thankfully it was slightly less windy when we got on the path between the trees!

It was very quiet ..... practically nothing was stirring .... not even a mouse ...... oops ..... to early for that yet!

The only things we saw were a few Wood Pigeons ... well we were in the wood & a Kestrel flew by!

This is the only photo I took ....... at least the moss was still ..... hope you like it!

Back home we wrapped the final presents ...... just cards to write now!

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