By HeidiHH


This morning we managed to run lots of errands, of which one was to get the dogs appointment to the vet's to get their yearly vaccinations.

We left to get vaccinated by a long walk. The whole tour took us over two hours. All now vaccinated and still alive. Supper has been finished a while ago and they are all in deep sleep. There's some pieces of bread on the floor by my husband's actions and even if he stated out loud that there's some "snacks" for one fast dog, none of them moved. Usually at least one would take advantage of the situation.

I took this shot when we were walking to the vet's.

I "mastered" the pinafore dress (I still have to cheat to write that word. For some reason it's not sticking to my head.). I love this: https://www.instagram.com/p/B52ny44CtDc/

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