Pictorial blethers

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Making the most of it ...

Where did today come from? After all that dire rain and wind, this miracle of blueness and sunshine was too good to waste. I had to miss Pilates this morning because I was offered an appointment to see my GP, which these days is a bit of a miracle, but as soon as it was over and a prescription collected it was time for a quick coffee and on with the walking shoes ... and down to Loch Striven, the only place where on a morning like this you can be sure of walking in the sunshine for most of the time. (Everywhere else you're either overshadowed by trees or hills, when the sun is so low in the sky). 

This is a shot from early on in our walk, when the fuel depot pier was looking picturesque because it has a ship alongside. I rather resent the fact that this facility has been dumped in our beautiful loch, but it can be interesting to see what turns up.

Later there were some marvellous red berries, and golden fruits on an abandoned japonica bush, and later still we met a cyclist we knew (a former colleague) who'd just had a puncture. By the time we'd chatted he'd changed the tyre and was on his way - he's a real cyclist! On the drive home, we caught sight of wings - quite big wings - flapping about above a ditch. They turned out to belong to a sizeable raptor which was presumably busy with some small creature in the ditch - it flew off - crossly? - as we drove level with it. I wonder if it returned...

Extra blip of the sunset sky above my back garden. I like the black outlines of trees and telephone wires.

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