Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I must begin this blip with a confession: I've pinched the photo. I didn't take it, because I'm actually in it - one of that small group of singers on the right. My friend Alan stood on a pew to take it at the start of our sung Evensong this evening, and if he reads this I'm more grateful than sorry for such a brazen act ...

It was touch and go this year, whether or not we'd put on this service; everything takes that bit more work when there's a vacancy in a church. However, the singers were keen and a lovely retired priest who now lives here agreed to participate and the candles were lit and people trooped up the hill in greater numbers than we expected and it was lovely.

The group of singers - four women, plus Mr PB to play the organ and sing as well - sang mainly plainsong (Mag and Nunc, Psalm) but managed four parts through the efforts of the altos taking turns to sing tenor. It was joyously unexpected when my pal broke into the tenor line in "Lo, He Comes" - though we belted out a unison last verse with electrifying organ accompaniment from just above our heads. As one of the sopranos pointed out, it's hard to sing well when your face is split by a huge grin - but that's the effect it had, and we did!

The strange red glow, by the way, comes from our infra-red wall heaters - not pretty, but very necessary. Besides, they help people to read their prayers when we're being atmospheric with the lighting ...

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