Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Snow detail

This sunlit bank in Kilmun Arboretum caught my eye today - the delicate shape of the fern and the individual hats on the luxuriant sphagnum moss where the snow had frozen crunchy were enough to have me stop, remove cumbersome (warm) sheepskin mittens, gather both walking poles in one hand ... you know the sort of thing. I drive my walking companions crazy.

But I'm going to put up another photo too, just because the sky is so blue. What you can't distinguish, because Blipfoto doesn't do video, is the rather disconcerting sound of not-very-distant gunfire somewhere to our left. From the rapid nature of the fire, we reckoned it was shotguns after game birds, rather than the more solitary shot of someone potting a stag. (There is a stalking business based on the far side of the basin that ends in Holy Loch. You may have seen his venison on sale - his [actual] name is Winston Churchill). 

So our walk wasn't as peaceful as we had hoped. It was Saturday, after all ...

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