Skip's Blips

By Skip

Nine days later...

Nine days have zipped by since our daughter Gretchen flew in from Phoenix  for a week of celebration that she and her sisters planned for our 60th wedding anniversary. What a great week this has been! Exhausting to be sure, but fun and very special. Last Sunday I posted this blip to mark the beginning of our week together. A very full week of fun, frolic, and food...lots of food. I'm sure I gained at least a pound a day! To start off the week we feasted on a special anniversary dinner at Jekyll's Kitchen in Chagrin Falls. From then on, I'm not sure I sat down. We were always on the move. Yesterday Gretchen flew back to Phoenix, so on Saturday evening the five of us, visibly exhausted, collapsed on the couch for a family photo, snapped by our son-in-law Marty. Not a formal picture, but a perfect way to end a perfect week!

In the picture, I am standing behind (L to R) Alison, Gretchen, Becky, and Bob. 

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