Glowing bright

A very wet day today but thankfully it was stopping when I finished work. This allowed me to go out in search of a blip. I had a wander around trying to find a blip. I'm sorry to say that my blip again involves a full moon along with a building but this time in glorious colour. I ended up in the castle square when I noticed the full moon in between the 2 towers of the Cathedral , a to good a chance not to take it so snapped away. Despite the rain stopping it was a rather cold night so back home to get warm.

Well tomorrow could mark a big change for this country one way or another  so if you have the right to vote don't forget to put your X in a box. I don't shout about my views as it is possibly one of the biggest causes of  arguments and this is not the place for it ,but I always say if you don't vote you cant moan . Time will tell what will happen .

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