By FotoAlex

1919 carousel

Jill and I spent the evening at Hersheypark, which is having a Christmas event. We rode two roller coasters, Laff Track, which is indoors, and Cocoa Cruiser, a kiddy coaster. Cocoa Cruiser became my 301st different coaster. We weren't able to ride many of the rides, we suspect because of low staffing. But it did allow us to duck out earlier than we expected and get dinner at the great brewery nearby.

The weather was freezing (32F/0C), and my fingers and face were in pain. Next time I am bringing gloves and a scarf. I know, it's not that cold, but may I remind you that I am from Phoenix.

I work tomorrow and then it's two more days off for more amusement parks. We're going to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens. The weather could be even worse with cold and freezing rain. Kings Dominion might not open if the weather's bad, mirroring what happened a year ago. But I hope the weather cooperates because two more visits to amusement parks to finish the year would be great.

In this photo, that's the 1919 Philadelphia Toboggan Co. carousel. Note Santa and his reindeer on the lift hill of Comet in the background.

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