David J. Rose

By djrose007

Not Yet Jesus!

There's candle sitting there as a place marker for Christmas Day morning when the baby Jesus, Yeshua, Eesa, appears. I think there are a number of variations on his name but it all comes down to him being the Son of God.
Yeshua is probably the most likely name as it is the Hebrew name for Jesus.
When I worked in Saudi Arabia I got very interested in Islam, a wonderful religion about how to live your life and how to treat others, although the Holy Quran is not always interpreted in the same way of course!
I asked a friend if they believed in the story of the Virgin Birth, Immaculate Conception and Yeshua. "Of course" he replied "We wouldn't be Muslims if we didn't believe it, Jesus is our second prophet after Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)".
What they don't believe is that he was actually the Son of God although God did will Maria to become pregnant for Yeshua to be a prophet.
They also don't believe he was Crucified, Allah, being all powerful, made people believe that they were seeing him on the cross so this casts doubt on the ascension story of course. I must swat up on my Holy Quran, I never got to finish it when I was in Riyadh.

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