David J. Rose

By djrose007

Ruby and her little Friend

Ruby went to the Dean Heritage Centre today with her little friend. There is all sorts of things there including a victorian classroom. Rather peturbed that it is described as Victorian when I remember my school desk being just like it!!! It's got that hole for the inkwell when we used to do writing practice with a wooden pen with replacable nibs, they were great for playing darts but the teachers weren't very amused by that.
It also had a cane in the room too, oh happy days eh!
The other photograph is the two of them being stalked by a Wolf. Wolves used to prowl the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, many years ago. They haven't reintroduced them, yet, but the wild boar have increased to over 4,000 when they were supposed to have been controlled at 400. How on earth do you control the number of boar when they have 6 or 8 in a litter at a time.
They had a fabulous day and Ruby was exhausted when she went to bed.

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