I voted this evening. I hope that sufficient numbers in my constituency put their cross in the same box that I chose to hold on to our incumbent Westminster MP. I also have some hopes for the result tomorrow, although I fear that they will not be realised.

On campus I started my exam, read and commented on an entire draft PhD thesis, worked out some finances, and took a long Christmas lunch break with some of the members of my research group.

Pictured at lunchtime in my extra are Frances, Peter, Lynn and David H on this side of the table, and Katherine, Marina, Rachel, David B, and Bruce on the other. This was the first time that Rachel has ever experienced Christmas crackers, so that was fun. Just out of shot was Emma's group, doing the same as us.

Cough/cold update: still coughing a little, but much, much better :-)

Exercise today: walking (15,913 steps).

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